Elite Cheese Products


Elite Foods has built a reputation as Perth’s leading shredded, and grated cheese specialists, providing the highest quality grated cheese blends at the most competitive prices.



We have a unique production facility which produces shredded cheese blends which are tailored specifically to customer requirements.

Our Grated Cheese is shredded fresh daily to meet each individual customer’s requirements. As the cheese is freshly shredded /grated, there is no other coatings or additives that are commonly found in pre-packaged shredded cheese.

This very difference is the reason why Elite Foods shredded blends are so popular and out performs pre-shredded or grated cheese!

Any coatings on shredded cheese can cause the cheese to split and separate when heated. It can cause the cheese to burn and melt inconsistently, and can resist melting together when cooked. Our Elite shredded cheese performs better, tastes better, resulting in a better product offering.

We can provide service oriented product solutions for your business, at highly competitive prices.

Our product range and specifications are designed to meet the most discerning needs of the food service sector, and manufacturers of fresh frozen and pre-prepared meals.

To enquire about our shredded cheeses, call the office on 08 9248 2443 and we will get back to you shortly.