Top Trends You Can Cash In on for 2021

2021 sets to be an exciting one for the food industry here is WA, especially on the back of the Covid-19 issues that hit us all, early 2020.

Top Food trends to watch this year in Western Australia.

croissants, danishes and other artisan buttery flaky pastries

2021 Year of the Croissant.

Viennoiserie (sounds like – Vin-whah-zwee) pastries are tipped to be a big trend this year. Technically not Parisian, but Venetian, these styles of pastries are richer, and have a sweeter character than that of regular pasties. So, watch for those clever bakers, make their twists on the croissants, danishes and other artisan buttery flaky pastries as they are going to make a BIG impact on the café scene! Have a go at manipulating the croissant dough yourself! Or if you’re into making the pastries, check out our range of Master Martini products, designed specifically for this sort of application.

Big Soft Gooey cookies

Cookie Monsters!

Big Soft Gooey American style monster size cookies are going to be BIGGER than before. Not like your standard Aussie ‘bickie’ – these cookies are a fully loaded with amazing, and endless oozing fillings and combinations. Single wrapped, and close to the point of sale, will see these fly out the door!


At Home Meal Kit

At home Meal Kits

If you have seen any free to air advertising, you would not have missed the amount of At Home Meal services that are popping up. The millennial version of the old – ‘Meals on Wheels’ if you will. While the trend is growing, so too is the number of quick meals to go available from the supermarkets. This trend can easily be tapped into if you have a café, or retail food outlet. You could offer a 4-person meal kit of a popular menu item from your store and offer it as a dinner solution when they come in and grab their lunch. There are plenty of ideas and options to investigate.


Product Ranges inside Cafe's

New Product Ranges

A some what twist on the above option, but outlets are increasing their added value lines, in the form of product ranges. Eg – do you have a relish, jam or sauce that you use on your menu that could sell? Or perhaps bags of your coffee blend, and like use products, such as coffee cups, teapots etc. This year will see more venues offering a ‘mini deli’ lines to further enhance their product offering. This is a fantastic opportunity to also increase your branding, and your bottom line!


Olive Oil is back!

Olive Oil

Olive oil is tipped to make a comeback in the health scene again in 2021. Temporarily kicked off its ladder by the Coconut oil fad. Not really sure why the coconut oil trend skyrocketed over the past year or two, but Olive oil has been around for centuries. The health benefits of Olive oil over coconut oil, doesn’t just lie in the ‘fat’ component. While the energy is the same between the 2 types of oils, the type of fat present is remarkably different.

  • Olive oil contains 70% more mono-unsaturated fat, and 15% of saturated fats than coconut oil, and yet coconut oil is 90% saturated fat. Studies have shown that if saturated fats are instead replaced with unsaturated fats, risks of chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes are reduced.

 Look out as health-conscious consumers rediscover the humble oil. For more information on Olive oil – click the link to read the document below

Click to find out about the Good Oil


   Author: Tarnia Hopper



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