Love Smoothies

LOVE Shakes? LOVE Smoothies? Gotta Love Frozen Smoothie Packs!

Frozen Smoothie packs ready to go, in 3 steps, in less than 30 seconds. 100% Fruit and Vegetables.


Smoothies and shakes have been a much loved staple for many food retailers and cafés and have always been popular among consumers. But with todays ever increasing health conscious consumers looking for healthier options, and on-the-go eating, maintaining fresh fruit and vegetables for smoothies and shakes can be quite challenging.

The downfall of offering a fresh fruit or vegetable smoothie or shake, is that it requires considerable food preparation, extra storage, fluctuating food costs, and food that’s wasted, as you can’t use a portion of the food. Not to mention staff labour and the equipment you need to offer a decent range on your menu.
Well, some clever clogs, Richard Canterbury noticed these issues and developed, together with Steven Crosser, who – if you can believe this… is a 3 Michelin-Starred chef! created this unique and awesome product LOVE Smoothies!

So… what are Love Smoothies?

They are individual packets of Frozen IQF chopped and prepped fruit and vegetables in 140g pre-portioned bags.

So all that you need to do is 1. Pop open a bag, 2. Add 200ml of Apple juice, Coconut water or even Dairy alternatives such as Almond Milk. 3. Blend for 30 seconds – and DONE…. That’s it… No chopping, No wastage, Saves on labour costs, and best of all consistent margins all year round.

So, here’s snap shot of the benefits;

•   1 carton has 15 single 140g serves of Frozen IQF 100% fruit and vegetables
•    Costs less than $2 per serve
•    Capitalising on the health trends
•    Consistent margins over fresh produce
•    Vegan-friendly
•    GMO-free
•    Full traceability to the farms where fruit and veg was grown
•    Deliciously healthy menu option
•    Fruit is picked when ripe and frozen instantly capturing all the yummy health benefits
•    Less wastage
•    Savings on labour costs
•    Easy to prepare… even a monkey could do it!
•    Save valuable freezer space
•    18 month shelf life

We have 6 Yummie flavours to kick you off;

Avo Go Go - Ready steady GO with Avocado, Broccoli, Spinach, Mango, Coconut, Ginger and Lime
Big 5 - Full Flavour Pineapple, Mango, Kiwi and Strawberry - and Apple juice (of course!)
Berry Go Round - Berry Nice Whole Blackberries, Raspberries and Strawberries
Coco Loco - Tropical cocktail of Coconut, Pineapple, Mango with dash of Mint and Lime
Kale Kick - Queen of greens
Pash n Shoot - Summer fun with Passion fruit, Pineapple and Mango

It really is so simple to create, hassle free, fresh cold REAL fruit and vegie smoothies in 30 seconds. Less mess and waste! Perfect for Perth's Summer weather. And the other bonus is that they are a Countrywide Rewards Points Earner, AND.. we have them on special this month! Can we do better? Sure we can – want a sample?


Just drop me an email at and I will get a sample out to you!

Check out the LoveSmoothies website at the Love Taste Co for more great idea's




   Author: Tarnia Hopper



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