Dairy Free Alternative for Butter and Cream

Looking for a dairy free alternative for butter?

What about a dairy free alternative for whipping cream?

We have a few plant based alternatives to dairy!


Our range of butter substitutes that are non-dairy, and can be for use in baking, cooking and spreading. Perfect if you are looking to offer a non-dairy alternative, or just for the finical benefit, of using butter alternatives, savings on the high butter price tag!


You have probably realised that in order to survive in today’s retail market, that catering to trending consumer needs just makes good business sense. The aim should be to create an inclusive environment that everyone can come to. Desserts have been particularly hard to recreate a vegan option of, as most desserts contain some form of dairy.


This range of products that we import directly from Italy, from Master Martini are just the ticket for the professional baker – (or even the baker without the technical skill but has all the passion!) The range includes dairy free cream, butter replacers and chocolate, all suitable for vegans, or those following plant-based diets.


The range of margarines includes various types of formats and applications including sheets for laminated applications, such as croissants and puff pastry and blocks, for leavened doughs and creams recipes.


Gioia Special Butter replacement offers the same crispness as when using butter without the usual processing difficulties and most importantly, the high price tag. The Gioia Special is ideal for creams, doughs, rolled out or whipped shortbread mixes, cookies, brioches, sweets buns, choux pastry to name just a few.


Check out the texture of these croissants made with the Gioia! They stand beautifully, flaky and definitely divine! You seriously would not even know the difference!

Light and Flakey Butterless Croissants Dairy Alternative

Light and flakey croissants alternative butter

Alternative to Butter for Croissants


...and by the way, Gioia makes the best Tasting Dairy Free, Butter Cream Substitute.

dairy free butter cream

Besides vegetable Margarines Master Martini has developed a unique MeĢlange range that is combines all the advantages of margarine with the taste, texture, smell and appearance of butter. The line includes a variety of products featuring different percentages, up to 50% of butter content.

  • Non Dairy Toppings

Non Dairy Toppings represent an excellent alternative to dairy creams in the baking/pastry and in fine food preparation. Available in sweetened and unsweetened, these products are easy to use and can be prepared in just a few minutes, guaranteeing consistency and a perfect hold, without collapsing or losing any water! Even after 24 hours sitting in a chiller cabinet!

Non Dairy UHT Creams for cooking and decoration

Décor Up

Sweetened vegetable cream for filling and decoration. It mounts in a few minutes and, once mounted, increases its volume by 3.5 times, presenting a smooth and creamy structure and excellent hold. It can be customized with the addition of flavouring ingredients. Easy to use, just chill prior to whipping.


Maxime Chef

Vegetable cream without hydrogenated fats unsweetened, specific It can be used as it is as a condiment or as an ingredient for sauces and sauces in various for seasonings and gastronomic preparations. Easy to use. Less waste, but great taste!


If you would like to know more, or if you would like to see the spec sheets, contact us below - or drop us a line.




   Author: Tarnia Hopper



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