Bountiful Hot Chocolate with Milk Lab


We've teamed up with the guys over at Milk Lab to bring you some great recipes that we know you will love!

This month - we have the Bountiful Hot Chocolate for you to try out! It has that distinct flavour of a Bounty chocolate bar!

Hmm Coconut and Chocolate!


Here is the recipe!

1 cup of MILKLAB Coconut Milk

1 tablespoon hot chocolate powder


Mix hot chocolate powder with small amount of water in base of the cup.

Steam coconut milk and pour into cup.

Feel free to sprinkle just a tad more chocolate on top, extra guilty pleasure!

Or why not try it ICED COLD! Just top up with coconut milk, add ice cream and cream!

Give it a try it with Coconut Icecream!


If you want to check out what the guys are up to at MILKLAB - click on their website here.

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